The NHS reports that one in four UK adults is obese – and even more of us are just overweight. They tell us that obesity is the “biggest public health crisis facing the UK today”. And apart from a fondness for high-calorie foods, our inactive lifestyles are largely to blame.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re just lazy. We spend an average of eight hours every day at work – and Londoners can expect a commute of nearly an hour and sometimes more each way between work and home. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for relaxing with your family before it’s time for yet another early morning commute.

But it’s not only adults who are carrying too much weight and not getting enough exercise. The statistics for obesity in UK kids are nearly as high as for adults. Kids often struggle to find safe, healthy outdoor activities these days. And if getting them moving is to be a positive experience, the activities have to be fun. If you could choose between video games and calisthenics, which would you prefer?

Can adults and kids get great exercise together?

They certainly can. The weather might not play along all year round, but a good, old fashioned walk is still great exercise. Admittedly, it’s not particularly strenuous, or particularly fun, but it’s a good start. Winter will remain a problem, though. Taking a walk in the freezing cold wind after sunset is no-one’s idea of an enjoyable activity.

WhizzFit’s year-round solution

Now, an innovative fitness company with a focus on fun is offering adults and kids a great way to work out as a family all year round. South West London based WhizzFit offers weekly dodgeball games and other fun, physical, games-based activities to adults, kids and families.

It’s all light-hearted entertainment, but in the process, kids and adults get to run, jump, play and get a full-body workout without even realising that they’re getting a whole lot more active and fit. Instead of grimly sweating it out, exercise becomes an absolute pleasure. No-one’s pushing you to your limits and beyond, but winning is a great incentive, and although only one team can win, there’s always next week!

Besides offering a great way to improve your fitness level regardless of age, WhizzFit also gets you away from your mobile phone and computer and allows you to meet real people face to face in a casual and fun-filled environment.  After all, you can’t fling a foam ball at someone one minute and then revert to full-blown formality the next!

Classes and events

In line with the casual atmosphere, WhizzFit doesn’t expect anyone to commit for months in advance.  You can simply drop in for a class, or you can book online. The popular family classes are on Sunday afternoons, and kids only and adults only classes are also offered.

But WhizzFit is so much fun, that both adults and kids events are being booked as party entertainment or team building events. That’s a sure fire indication that fitness really can be fun! And weekly attendees who don’t want to miss an opportunity to get their blood pumping, have a laugh and make new friends are on the increase. What started as a revolutionary fitness idea is turning into a trend – and unlike so many other trends, this one is as healthy as you can get!