Throwing an unforgettable party presents a serious challenge for any organiser. After all, most parties feature the same old thing, party after party, year after year. There’ll be eats, drinks conversation and maybe a bit of dancing, and if it’s a kid’s party, we can expect to see the same old party games getting rehashed time after time. That’s hardly a recipe for the ‘unforgettable’!

As a result, party organisers everywhere have an eye out for something that will add something special to the occasion. Showing guests a good time is easy enough, but if you want your kids’ or adults’ party to be memorable, you’ll really need to offer something unique by way of entertainment.

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We often hear people saying that kids these days are jaded, but you’ll find that with the right organiser to add the perfect combination of energy an enthusiasm, they enjoy running about and playing as much as you ever did when you were a kid. The problem is that mum’s been playing the caterer, has to keep any parents who came around with the kids entertained, and simply doesn’t have the time or the inspiration that’s needed to set their enthusiasm alight.

So how about getting an experienced children’s party organiser to get them doing something really fun and different to let off steam? Mum can take a breather while the kids get stuck in to a game of dodgeball with soft, foam balls, fight it out with water wars, indulge their imaginations with a Nerf Wars challenge or become sporting stars with a round of kickball. All of this under the friendly yet watchful eye of an experienced trainer.

It’s fun, it’s different, it can happen at a venue of your choosing, and you may find yourself wishing that you could join in! As for the partygoers, they’ll definitely be rating this party as an event to remember.

What about the grown ups?

At this point, you may be wondering how adults can get in on the action. If offering games such as these makes a kids’ party unusual, it’ll make an adult get-together completely unique! Dodgeball is a real favourite with the adults – and their inner children. And once again, WhizzFit brings the action to you. Tell your guests to don comfy clothing and shoes, and discover the truth: adults like having fun together just as much as kids do!

They don’t have to be particularly fit, they don’t have to be sporting geniuses, but they will have fun – and they’ll be talking about your party idea for years to come. Unforgettable? Absolutely! Dare to be different and give it a try!

Where, when and how?

WhizzFit offers their cool party activities in SW London, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. Just get in touch via the above ‘contact us’ link to find out how simple it can be to throw an absolutely unforgettable party for children of all ages up to 70!